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Location: Hong Kong, Beijing, Singapore


No tedious workflow

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Do what you love

As long as you can get the trader's approval


  • Quantitative Analyst


    1. Be responsible for the mining, processing and analytical statistics of data;

    2. Discover the law in data, provide support for quantitative analysis and develop quantitative models and strategies;

    3. Cooperate with fund managers and track and improve the performance of quantitative strategies in real market.


    1. More than three years of experience in quantitative research of financial market and experience in trading strategy research;

    2. Solid mathematical and scientific foundation; a bachelor’s degree or above degree in mathematics, finance or economics;

    3. First-rate ability in probability statistics and rigorous research habits;

    4. Certain programming skills; familiarity with at least a kind of programming language and the application of databases;

    5. Strong teamwork spirit and good communication skills.


  • PHP

    Our goals:

    1. Optimize the current products and develop new products.

    2. Go after perfect solutions and overcome technical challenges.

    3. Jointly study the new technologies and trends.

    What we expect from you:

    1. Good understanding of data structure and algorithm analysis; equipped with good learning capacity, framework skills and excellent logical thinking.

    2. With experiences of using mainstream frameworks such as PHP.

    3. Familiar with Nginx / MongoDB / Redis / Memcache, including the development and design of distributed systems.

    4. Good understanding of data structure and algorithm analysis; equipped with good learning capacity, framework skills and excellent logical thinking.

    5. Good mastery of SQL knowledge; familiar with MySQL and relevant query optimizations.

  • FE


    1. Undertaking the design and development of the front end function modules of each product line of the company.

    2. Mobile browser page development, special effect realization, and performance optimization;

    3. The front-end development of new projects.

    We hope you have these abilities:

    1. Experience of PC and mobile browser development for more than 2 years;

    2. Proficient in HTML/CSS/JavaScript and other Web development technologies, and experienced in development;

    3. Proficient in the use of Bootstrap, jQuery and other front-end frameworks and libraries;

    4. Familiar with MVC, MVVM and other front-end development models, and having experience of AngularJS/vue/react development;

    5. Familiar with browser compatibility technology and front-end performance optimization

  • C++\GO

    We can do these together:

    1. Participating in the development, transaction and optimization of high frequency trading systems and strategies;

    2. Engaging in trading strategy or system realization according to personal advantages;

    3. Optimization of software and hardware, data analysis, etc.

    We hope you can:

    1. Solid coding ability, proficient in C++ or Golang, familiar with development under Linux environment;

    2. Solid foundation of data structure and algorithms;

    3. Experience in distributed storage or computing, proficiency in Redis, HBase, Hadoop, LevelDB and other systems is preferred;

    4. At least 3 years’ project experience in first - line Internet services, experience as Head of large - scale high - concurrency system preferred;

    5. Proactive, with courage to challenge, good at communication and cooperation.


  • Product Manager

    We do nothing but Valuable things.


    1. Whole process management of the product, including product planning, function design, user demands collection, market analysis, product upgrading, etc.;

    2. Product development planning, cross-department coordination and communication of work and implementation advancing;

    3. Design of product functions, organization and coordination of other departments for the efficient completion of product development;

    4. Study on the competitors, grasp of product status, judgment over opportunities and potential points.

    Hope you're good at these things:

    1. At least Bachelor’s degree;

    2. Familiar with project process, strong document writing ability;

    3. Familiar with data analysis and effect evaluation methods; think creatively, have good insight and judgment to users’ demands;

    4. Innovation, enquiring mind, executive ability, coordination and communication skills and problem solving skills.


  • Customer service

    Here's the Job:

    1. Answer customers’ consulting and questions online;

    2. Deal with users’ feedback timely and effectively and enhance the degree of their satisfaction;

    3. Communicate with customers online to learn about their needs and handle their complaints;

    4. Conduct customer survey to check the relationship situation.

    You can or will be able to:

    1. Good computer skills on Microsoft Office; Good communication and interpersonal skills;

    2. Being patient, enthusiastic, active and with satisfactory service awareness;

    3. Being positive and with constant passion to learn;

    4. Applicants have experience in digital currency industry or could speak multiple languages are preferred.